21" Spiral Wide Faced BBQ Grill Brush

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You will find that using the 21" spiral wide faced bbq grill brush is a great way to clean your charcoal or gas grill. Because of the way the spiral bristles have been formulated (a combination of short and long brass bristles) you are easily able to clean the top and sides of the grills grates .

By virtue of the design, you can easily clean the biggest barbecue grills in less than a minute!  The long black handle permits everyone to use two hands, which means you can put even more pressure on the surface area. Making it easier to eliminate the toughest caked grease fast!

The high tensile strength brass bristles of the 21" spiral wide faced bbq grill brush are more dependable and will not scratch porcelain grills parts.
  • Product Dimensions L: 21" W: 7" H: 1.5"

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