Bull Cast Iron Grill Humidifier

Bull Cast Iron Grill Humidifier

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This Bull cast iron humidifier is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook, it allows you to add moisture to meats and seafood with amazing results. Guaranteed moist and succulent seafood, poultry and meat on the grill!

Just fill the slender cast-iron boxes with water, beer, wine, juices or other liquid and place at opposite end of the grill. Steam is released, adding moisture, infusing food with complex flavors and keeping it naturally tender.

Food retains more natural juices and rich flavor for unforgettable results every time, will revolutionize the way you enjoy your barbecued meats. Heat from your grill activates and releases steam, adding moisture and flavor into your food.

Your meat or seafood stays tender from the grill to the table. The Bull cast iron humidifier is ideal for use with charcoal, gas or with grills with a rotisserie unit.

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