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For over four decades, Cal Flame BBQ has helped realize people's dreams for a stunning backyard BBQ set-up. This manufacturer's grills and islands are nothing short of superb, a sentiment that an overwhelming number of past and present customers share. However, a grill is a complex machine, requiring an enormous number of parts to all operate at peak performance for the whole thing to function. Weather conditions, lack of proper maintenance, and the passage of time may wear down on those parts.

If even one component is faulty, the meals you prepare may not be quite as good as they could have been. If a few parts are more than faulty, the whole machine may cease to work — or worse, backfire and cause problems. Luckily, issues like this do not require you to start from scratch and purchase a whole new grill. Cal Flame BBQ parts are capable of being replaced or substituted, and Barbecue Parts Depot can help.

We offer a wide variety of components ranging from door hinges and handles to sink drains and hoses, among many others. Place an order with us and we can send your replacement part right away. We also offer further assistance through our customer support hotline. Contact us at 1-888-528-0885 and our experts can answer your questions.