Sunstone 42" Charcoal Grill Cover - CDZ42

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The Sunstone 42" Drop-in Charcoal Grill Cover, is a custom-fit, waterproof, and weather-proof cover designed to protect your 42-inch built-in Sunstone Charcoal grill from the elements. Made from heavy-duty material, this cover is built to withstand tough weather conditions such as rain, wind, storm, intense sunshine, dust, and snow. The cover snugly fits around your grill with built-in tension around all edges, preventing water condensation from building up and critters from getting in. By protecting your grill with this cover, you can greatly extend the life of your grill and make the most of your Sunstone grill investment.

Don’t let the elements take a toll on your Sunstone 42" drop-in charcoal grill. Protect your investment and keep it in prime condition with our custom-fit grill cover.

Order the Sunstone 42" Drop-in Charcoal Grill Cover, today and give your grill the protection it deserves!



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